Equipment of JCS

This section is dedicated to information about the various equipment owned by JCS. The focus of my collection and of the following articles is mostly vintage keyboards and tape recorders, but of course, there are many other types of instruments and equipment in use as well. Especially where information about a particular item is scarce from other sources, I try to go into as much detail as practically possible. My hope is that the info I present about specific units may be generally useful, or at the very least interesting to read. Any listings that do not have links yet are works in progress; they (probably) will in the future! Please do come and see the individual listings below:

Keyboards & Electronic Instruments

Acoustic Pianos

Electric / Electromechanical Pianos

Electronic Pianos


Analog Synthesizers

Digital Keyboards / Synthesizers

  • Casio SA-35 slightly defective
  • Casio Casiotone CT-360 functional
  • Ensoniq ESQ-1 functional
  • JCS BN-1 functional - original JCS design
  • M-Audio Keystation 88es functional
  • Realistic Concertmate-500 functional
  • Seiko DS-250 w/ DS-310 expansion functional
  • Seil MK 610 functional
  • Vtech "Ready to Rock" functional
  • Yamaha PSR-E413 functional

Musical Computers

  • Atari 1040STfm functional
  • Commodore 64 (brown "breadbox", 6581 SID) functional
  • Commodore 64C (white, 8580 SID) undergoing repair
  • Apple Macintosh IIci (x2) functional

Sound Manipulation & Recording Equipment


  • Peavey PV10 functional
  • Stellarmix 8 functional
  • Teac 2A (x2) functional

Multitrack Tape Recorders

  • Tascam 22-4 functional
  • Tascam 38 functional
  • Tascam 58 functional

Hi-Fi Stereo Tape Recorders

  • Akai 4000DS functional
  • Sony TC-250A functional
  • Sony TC-399 undergoing repair
  • Tandberg TD 20A functional
  • Tascam 32 undergoing repair
  • Teac A-7030 functional

Other Recorders

  • Craig/JVC TR-403 functional
  • Philips Code-a-phone 333 (answering machine) functional
  • Uher 4000 Report-L functional
  • Webcor 228-1 (wire recorder) slightly defective
  • Webcor 2010-6 slightly defective
  • Yamaha MD-8 functional

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Last Updated: 9/26/2016