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What is JCS?

JCS was created in 2007 by Jesse Acorn (myself), currently an electrical engineering student and hobbyist musician living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Originally, the name stood for "J-Corp Studio", a division of the imaginary "J-Corporation" that I conceived of as an elementary school student. While the full name has since been dropped, the initials have remained. JCS is a...

  1. Recording Studio

    The recording studio of JCS particularly features many vintage keyboard instruments and tape recorders, but of course other typical types of studio equipment as well. Although it is not open to the public, numerous utterly famed artists have recorded at JCS, including Jesse Acorn, Anger Release, Back Meta, The Lamas, The Lone Moon Singin' Birds, S.F.A.T.B.H.S., U.C., and Zengines.
  2. Record Label

    This aspect centers around releasing the particular sorts of recordings done at JCS, as well as some done elsewhere that are somehow connected. Convention and commerciality are often ignored and/or satirized, and all that remains are the relatively unusual recordings that, while not "accessible" to everyone, remain strongly appealing to those with the necessary skewed mindset. The preferred physical format for JCS releases is the Compact Disc, which are usually hand-made, but in some cases professionally duplicated. The current catalogue can be found on the Releases page, and discs can be ordered through the individual artists' Bandcamp pages or through the Contact page.
  3. Info Source

    With all of the interesting equipment in the JCS studio collection, much of which is rare and lacking in online info, I figured I should share some details of my own. As well as descriptions of features and hardware, since many of the items have required repair, details of the repairs are also provided. The Equipment page is where to find all this, undoubtedly being the most detailed part of the JCS website. New information is added as time permits, and as new equipment is added as space permits.

JCS is hosted on deadmau6.com courtesy of C. Christoffer, with no connection to any other sort of deadmau besides the similar name. Is JCS a completely serious thing, you may ask? Well, what even is serious? I mean really, let's just start there...

Jesse Acorn, founder and proprietor at JCS

Last Updated: 9/26/2016